Choosing the Best Fit for your Position

Selecting the right candidate can be a daunting task, especially in today's job market. Chances are you receive hundreds of resumes for every opening and sorting through them all is both time-consuming and frustrating. 


By using VLPlus, you can save time and money by letting us send you only the most suitable, qualified, and pre-screened candidates. We do all the background work for you. Should you select one of our employees, we simplify the process further by providing time sheets, handling payroll, and delegating schedules.


We follow up with our employees daily and stay in contact with you to make sure every detail of the placement is to your satisfaction.



VLPLus Benefits Include:


  • We maintain a full database of pre-screened candidates
  • We sort through hundreds of resumes for every job so you don't have to
  • We perform initial screenings
  • We check references
  • We constantly recruit to ensure our candidate pool is always fresh
  • We advertise for candidates daily...not just when you have an opening
  • We fill open positions quickly
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